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Clean Fertilizers, Healthier Lakes and Rivers

A commonsense and cost effective approach to cleaning up our lakes and rivers.

Clean Fertilizers, Healthier Lakes and Rivers legislation signed into law:

On April 14th,  Governor Christine Gregoire signed the “Clean Fertilizers, Healthier Lakes and Rivers” legislation (ESHB 1489) into law.  Read our press release here

Rake in polluted waterPhosphorus in Lawn Fertilizer Harms our Lakes and Rivers

We have a responsibility to keep our lakes and rivers clean and healthy for ourselves and our children.  When phosphorus in fertilizer washes off of our lawns into lakes, rivers, and Puget Sound, it causes pollution that costs taxpayers and businesses millions of dollars to clean up.  Excess phosphorus in our waterways causes rapid growth of weeds and algae blooms that can harm fish, wildlife and public health.  Lake Spokane/Spokane River, Lake Whatcom, Lake Vancouver, Lake Washington and hundreds of other precious waterways across our state are polluted from too much phosphorus.

Reducing Phosphorus Pollution will Save Us Millions

Our businesses and local governments have spent millions on wastewater treatment upgrades to control their phosphorus discharge.  Additional upgrades will cost millions more yet do little to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering our waterways.  Managing the sale of phosphorus lawn fertilizer costs almost nothing.  It will save money and jobs, and clean up our lakes and rivers; a win-win for our economy and the environment.

Beautiful Yards and Clean RiversGreen lawn, clean river

You don’t need phosphorous in your fertilizer to have a green lawn; there are better, cheaper alternatives that give all of us the freedom to have a beautiful yard and clean rivers.  Many other states already manage phosphorus in lawn fertilizers.  Lawn care companies and golf courses in those states, as well as other businesses that depend on green grass, say removing it has not been a problem.  For those special cases where the use of phosphorus in your lawn fertilizer is absolutely necessary, this bill allows you to buy it.

A Common Sense and Cost-Effective Approach

Managing the sale of phosphorus lawn fertilizers in our state is a commonsense and cost effective approach to making sure that our lakes and rivers are clean and we’re not forcing our businesses and local governments to waste money on unnecessary infrastructure.  

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Campaign Contact: Neil Beaver, (509) 979-9550, neil.beaver [at]

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